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You Are the Light of the World

You Are the Light of the World Jeshua Ben Joseph through Judith Coates

Beloved one, you are the light of the world and the heart of love. When you reach out and give a hug to someone, where is your heart? It is heart to heart, exactly — feeling the love you so want to feel from another. You know the secret: You cannot feel it from another if you are not already giving it.

This connection is always unbroken. Always, forever, love is flowing. That is why it is healing. That is why you feel at one with self and the self you might be hugging. In a moment or so, you feel the connection, and it goes beyond talking and seeing. It goes beyond the brain. You get to the place of Isness — the All that is the love of the heart, which energizes you. It allows you to go forward, giving hugs and smiles, asking questions.