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The Strongest Future Potentials

The Strongest Future Potentials Alanaea of Cosmic Service through Wendy Rowley

Dearest beings of light, this is Alaenea of Cosmic Service, Pleiadian Mother of Sound. We wish to speak about the up-and-coming year and what is ahead. Now, you know that we do not really predict. What we do is look at the potentials of what is available for the strongest manifestation and creation in the human consciousness at two levels — the national and the karmic grids.

The national level grid is the group consciousness of nations around the world. The karmic crystalline grid of humanity, as many of you know, is the akashic records of nations, peoples, tribes, and races. During the coming year, these potentials show a ripe and juicy overlay to the ending of a cosmic portal that brought in much confusion and distress among the hearts and minds of humankind