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Create a Better Future

Create a Better Future Michel through David Reid Lowell

On this day, we want to speak to you of many things. We will remind you of two things: One, people (and even nations) do not build what they do not intend to use or that which does not serve their purpose and intent. Two, the energy you put out collects within its manifestation in the area in which it is manifested, and it resides there. It must dissipate outward from that point. This can happen within landmasses, such as the Middle East, where the impact is en masse. (This has also happened after any world war.)

People will often forget what someone did to them, but they will likely always recall how that person made them feel. Think of this. You often associate feelings with someone, and certain attributes of a person can trigger you to become reactionary. This is because that person reminds you of a feeling you can’t place, but nonetheless, that emotional sensation is there. This also happens with nations who feel certain ways about other nations. Well, you may be in for a surprise. All energy, even the intent of deeds, returns to their source