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The Universe Speaks to You

The Universe Speaks to You Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde and Shockara Starbeings and Mahatma Gandhi through Blue Turtle

Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde: Beloved children of the Creator, the universe speaks to you loud and clear as you undertake your evolving new work as instruments of divine energy who help others find their rightful and fulfilling places in the cosmos. You have committed yourselves to humanity and to bringing forth clarity and understanding between the healing energies of Mother Earth and of the heavens.

As you act as sacred conduits of the Creator, you gain access to all esoteric knowledge that can help you grow and learn as you assist others in living their potentials. You are very gratified by the openness of those you help and their commitment to their work and to making healthy decisions. You have traveled far through the multidimensions and other worlds to gain understandings pertinent for those you assist. There is dark energy that wants to hold you back and interfere with your and their progress and understanding