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Illuminate the Creator Light Within

Illuminate the Creator Light Within Cea through Takeli MMagdalen

Takeli: Cea (pronounced “See-Ah”) is a member of the Orion Council of Light. She focuses on the planetary healing of Earth, our solar system, and beyond. Within that, she focuses on assisting humanity to find its feet as a galactic society that lives cooperatively in love and peace in the One light of the Creator.

Cea: Dear humans of love and light, I greet you as my equals and as my beloved friends of the heart. What I have to share with you might cause some fear to arise from the inner places of oppression within you. I ask that you focus divine healing light into those feelings and allow your heart’s love to step forward.

This is the time when all who are ready to stand forth in their inner Knowing of how to live in a society based on love and peaceful cooperation will be asked to take their places as way-showers and leaders. Love of the Creator brought you into this incarnation. You chose to bring your uniqueness to the process. This will be much needed in the year to come — even more than in 2020.