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Guardian Angels Know Best

Guardian Angels Know Best Tom T. Moore

Tom writes: As many of you know, Dena and I have an international film and TV-program distribution company. Recently, we licensed thirty-one movies to a European company. Both sides agreed on the terms, and we emailed the invoice. When we did not hear from them, we emailed and received an email response saying they had decided not to pay or complete the agreement.

We sent a strongly worded email, but I did not think that would have any influence. Still, before I gave up completely, I requested a most benevolent outcome (MBO) to receive the payment. Then I released it, because our guardian angels always know what’s best for us.

Last Monday, I received another email, and I was quite surprised to see they were going ahead with the payment. We will be very cautious in further dealings with them, but naturally I thanked my guardian angel for his assistance.