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Essences of Nature: Triumph and Disaster

Essences of Nature: Triumph and Disaster Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We now live amid triumph and disaster. We feel love, fear, and hope. We experience resolve, loss, and light. We are in a time when every obstacle, turmoil, and jubilation is present. So do we focus on what we want? Or do we focus on what we don’t want? The energy we expend is the same. It’s easy to get captivated by drama and trauma and forget the love and value we have for others and ourselves. How do we meet our challenges with grace and love?

Avoid Despair

Scotch broom is our “doom and gloom” essence. When we are hypnotized by the woes of the world, we have to consciously combat our Chicken Little telling us the sky is falling. This essence eliminates our “paralysis by analysis” of what we can do in our lives. It helps to antidote the personal despair of frustration and stagnation.

Scotch broom essence works to break the spell of catastrophizing. We might be attracted to the zombie apocalypse and unconsciously waiting for the breakdown of civilization. This essence puts our hopes and fears in perspective. It reminds us how to remember the values and benefits of hope and purpose. Scotch broom essence instructs us to maneuver daunting obstacles with grace, love, and hope.