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The Energy of Rebellion

The Energy of Rebellion The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

Escalating violence in your streets — varying from quiet protests against racial hatred, abuse, and gender discrimination to outright genocide by despots in other countries — is nothing new. Only the energy of rebellion is intensifying, not the darkness. Your perception of the world as being a harsher place than ever has much to do with the technologies that bring you instant news reports. A camera in every hand can now catch what was not seen before beneath the decay of your societies.

Part of the awakening process brings emotional upheaval, and many people find these feelings difficult to interpret and process. The awakening process also unearths fear at the level of cellular memory: family lineages and karmic imprints from past-life associations. As these feelings surface to be released, they can beget frustration and anger. Anger with no outlet will vent along any avenue it can find, like water rushing to fill a conduit to the sea.

A rebel without a cause and in emotional distress — feeling hurt, betrayed, and angry — will jump any bandwagon that passes with little regard to who might be crushed beneath its wheels. This creates conditions for the lost, lonely, isolated, and disenfranchised to fall victim to praying terrorist organizations that manipulate their vulnerability.