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Effect Healing and Positive Change

Effect Healing and Positive Change Mother of Light and Shockara Starbeings through Blue Turtle

Mother of Light: Beloved children of light, your lights are expanding and penetrating the darkness that intends to overwhelm and imprison you. Unified in love and justice, you will not tolerate anything but righteousness. You are lighting the way not only for yourself but also for others on the sacred path with you.

For years now, you have been watching and responding to the chaos, hatred, and violence of the evil that peeks out once again from the shadows and darkness. It has wanted to take you captive and force you to move into suffering and annihilation. You have responded in utter horror and nightmare to the egregious threat to your well-being, sanctity, and quality of life. You are united with your sisters and brothers to effect healing and positive change to the nation and the world, which is absolutely essential.

More and more of the insidious liar and trickster energy is pretending to be the exact opposite of its truth. You can clearly see the manipulation and deceit that is really happening. You are using your incredible gifts and powers from the Divine to discern and bring the light.