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Work from Peace

Work from Peace Mahatma Gandhi; Mother of Light; and the Shockara Starbeings through Blue Turtle

Mahatma Gandhi: Beloved children of God, you are part of the greatest movement of healing energy uniting the cosmos at this blessed time in history. You have the opportunity to work together for peace, healing, and harmony in the world. Your unified efforts are so needed now at this crucial moment.

Come together with peace, uniting you inside, and let this powerful energy lead you and move you in the world. Together, you can bring forth the love and light that is needed to meet and transform the hate, separation, and violence that wants to wreak havoc within you and devastate the world. Each of you possesses the gift and understanding to let the light shine through you in your efforts in the world so that peace and love can reign. Meet the darkness with love; do not engage with evil in any battle because you will not win. You must peacefully be present and meet it with kindness and love.

The evil comes from the goodness; it went astray from its divine purpose. It still seeks the powerful light and love, yet it wants to use it for negative purposes. It wants your light and seeks to vampirize your energy, leaving you exhausted and drained. Do not do battle with it. Stay in the unconditional love energy, and it cannot vampirize your energy anymore.