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Live from the Heart

Live from the Heart The Council of Transition through Takeli MMagdalen

Greetings, I am Mufa, the chancellor of Lemuria and the focus for the members of the Council of Transition this day. I greet you, in all the love of our Creator force: It is in this love that your world is transitioning into.

There is a misperception that all the misdeeds of humanity are about to be judged and all futures altered in accordance with these judgments. Indeed, the balance of love, expressed within the current processes of energetic changes that are taking place now on both Earth and well beyond, is being moved to a new and stronger status than ever before seen on the entire planet.

It is this love being received now that may indeed cause a rebalancing to occur in what has been perceived to be a heinous wrongdoing, both through the forces of the collective consciousness of humanity and in those being so judged by those who are in guidance processes with them. There are many involved in a diverse range of enslavement journeys and processes, often leading to crimes of a violent and sexual nature over others, and there can be no doubt of it at all by humanity in general. Consider that those who enslave may be also enslaved, and so on in repetition, for many layers of focused awareness.