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Essences of Nature: The Year of Unity

Essences of Nature: The Year of Unity Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We are navigating unknown territories more than ever before in 2020. It is a year of trust beyond trust. We take sure steps, and we take steps based on blind faith. Our steps take us to where we will be best served as opposed to where we have imagined ourselves to be. We don’t always know where we are going, and our visions of our goals and dreams are more fluid than ever.

Our conscious awareness is accelerating at a rapid pace. Many have “ascension symptoms,” which include fatigue, disorientation, expanded psychic awareness, heightened creativity, a sense of restlessness and urgency, headaches, instant manifestation (both positive and negative), and increased déjà vu.

Some of us are in a state of knowing what we know, but not being able to explain how we know what we know. Some of us have ongoing confusion and disorientation with the energies surrounding us. Some days, we feel in the zone and perfectly aligned with the energies around us. Other days, the slightest stumble can make us feel lost, dejected, and disconnected.