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Your New Life on Earth

Your New Life on Earth The Council of Transition through Takeli MMagdalen

Greetings, beloved ones. I am Mufa. I speak for the Council of Transition to bring forth predictions for the coming year. It is in our love that we share some potentials for the times to come.

Your planet is moving deeper into the great transition process that facilitates a shift in consciousness for those ready to walk this path now. Many have come to participate in this process knowing they are not yet complete with their third-dimensional understanding of themselves. However, they are willing, just the same, to be on a planet undergoing this transition in consciousness and in physicality. Such a time offers an opportunity seldom available to the soul — to experience the receiving process of the dances of light particles, which even now are multiplying and falling on this planet and indeed around the solar system in many light-years beyond.

Earth is a focal point for a great many masters of light and love to be incarnated, to be embodied, for they understand at the soul level that they have come to facilitate this grand change in dimensionality from the third to the fourth light.