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Dietary Fads and Trends

Dietary Fads and Trends Robin Hinz

Predicting the next big food craze comes easy for some chefs, not so much for others. Relying on old culinary habits prevents a chef from being relevant in today’s constantly changing culinary arena. Which dietary fads will come next is anyone’s guess, especially when it comes to weight loss and healthy eating, perplexing even the most talented chefs. Fortunately, chefs understand the difference between a fad (short-lived phenomenon, think cabbage soup diet) and a trend (long-lasting change, such as nongluten and dairy-free eating patterns).

When it comes to diets, fads are more prevalent than trends, depending on what’s popular at the moment. People are currently jumping on the high-protein–low-carbohydrate bandwagon, following eating plans such as the Paleo diet program or the more recently embraced Keto (ketogenic) diet. But are these plans really the best for us?

Dietary styles like these are difficult to maintain for any length of time because of the imbalance of nutrients; therefore, I predict their demise will be swift. On the other hand, a vegetarian diet can be eaten indefinitely, even when succumbing to various fads within the meatless category. Whether you choose to follow fads or long-term trends, maintaining a balanced diet, albeit a cliché, is always a sound decision for our bodies.