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The Details Are in the Probabilities

The Details Are in the Probabilities Gaia and Guardian Angel Theo through Tom T. Moore

I learned the hard way through the years that there are probabilities for each event that takes place on Earth. The further out we reach with predictions, the more probable outcomes there are — hundreds, perhaps thousands. That’s why you see various psychics and channels (which are all forms of telepathy) miss, as they latch on to any outcome they receive, even those with low probabilities. The closer we are to a specific date, the fewer the potential outcomes. With that in mind, here are the predictions I received from Gaia, soul of the Earth, and my guardian angel, Theo.
Antura, my ET soul-cluster brother, told me that the Russians would be the first to disclose frequent meetings with extraterrestrials, starting with remarks at a press conference and later releasing more information because of public interest. After that will come a public landing by the Pleiadians (who look like us) at a Russian spaceport. In the twelve parallel Earths, all this starts on the upper timelines. Gaia, as a neutral observer, have you witnessed ETs landing in the eleventh timeline?

Yes, they have. Things are proceeding just as Antura said they would.