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About the New Frequencies on the Earth Plane

About the New Frequencies on the Earth Plane The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

You may now triumphantly align with new versions of the planet — third-dimensional Terra, the higher vibrational Earth parallels, fifth-dimensional Gaia, and seventh-dimensional Eartha. It won’t be an easy path for most of you. What spiritual path is? Nothing quite elevates the soul like suffering. If you have gained spiritual mastery, you will know this is not a personal slight or a god-level punishment; it is a purposeful lesson in how to free yourself from fear. When you have faced that which you fear, what remains to be fearful of? When you know this, you can step fully into the mastery of being a cocreator of this new world.

Know that as you move through 2019, those of you who still have work to do will feel as though you are being squeezed through the eye of the needle. This is not a hackneyed expression plucked from the Bible; it is a mandatory experience enabling you to traverse the upper and lower dimensions.

To pass through the wall of a one-dimensional structure into another, you have to cross through a narrow passage (or gateway) at the height of one harmonic universe represented as the apex of an etheric triangular structure. You then move into the apex of an etheric inverted triangle directly above it. You will feel the resistance as though you are stuck. Once you have squeezed through the bottleneck, so to speak, then you can access higher harmonic frequencies and pull them down to anchor here on the Earth plane. You harness these energies to manifest your personal heaven and merge those frequencies within your earthly being.