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Trust the Divine Process

Trust the Divine Process The Council of Transition through Takeli MMagdalen

The Council of Transition members are Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Mufa (the chancellor, or spiritual leader, of Lemuria), Master Jesus, Eli-Ahn (an elven goddess and a guardian of developing societies), Master Guide Kirael (a guardian of developing societies), and Takeli (an incarnate elven goddess).

Beloved ones, our message to you is simple this day. We wish to assure you that all is transpiring in absolute perfection, and this beautiful planet of yours is evolving to the next level of conscious awareness that is the highest level of the fourth dimension. (Some speak of this as the fifth dimension.)

Our task is to continue to advance all who seek paths in light and to nurture those who turn to our essential lights to bring forth from the hidden depths within unique characteristics of personality and experiences of this and other lifetimes that will assist them in moving forward in the greatest love and light. We do this in the nature of the dream-state work that every one of you is, at this moment, most occupied by in your sleeping hours. We also do it by sending you moments of inspiration and encouragement to participate in new journeys, as we can discover a path for you that will take you into the heights you are capable of.