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The Rift between Worlds

The Rift between Worlds The Elohim Collective through Alison David Bird

The rift between the third-dimensional Earth and the frequency patterns of the fifth-dimensional morphogenetic field is widening, just as predicted. Magnetic fields are being stripped and recalibrated for the higher vibrations, and this is creating heavy storm surges on the surface of the planet.

We have explained the concept of the two worlds pulling apart in a quantum separation. In 2012, you were not ready. Those preparing for ascension loved those who were not. This kept the two worlds — one of savagery and one of paradise — bound together in an awkward, mismatched two-step. As the split progresses, you will naturally experience the confusion and chaos associated with straddling two very different timelines until you make your choice.

Third-Dimensional Earth Is Declining

There were many potentialities for the third dimension, some more positive than others. Gradually the collective has picked its way through multiple probable timelines, discarding many that have since collapsed, leaving fewer options. The collective has selected a different timeline for each multiple bandwidth existing in the gradient of the third and fourth dimensions, and as these harmonic bandwidths collapse, people will have the opportunity to close out their individual experiences here in a way that appropriately serves their spiritual contracts.