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Consider Choices Carefully, and Be Responsible

Consider Choices Carefully, and Be Responsible Michel through David Reid Lowell

Greetings on this time of emergence! Speak of these: the truth of knowing and of words. Come forth! Herein will be the coming. With the shift within galactic space and the finalization over the next couple of years of the alignment, changes will increase. These changes will affect the emotional and the unseen within the individual, causing a sense of static, unease, and imbalance. We also note at this time the coming of geophysical changes.

About your concerns regarding the greater shift in societies, you will see an influx of peoples shifting their placements and triggering a change in established customs, beliefs, and what you would consider norms. We, Michel, like this word, “norm,” as it is open to interpretation and is quite meaningless, for how does one define what is normal? Is that not what is most commonly accepted? Those things change, as you know. Change, adaptation, is the constant.

Step into your belief, and make sure you are on solid footing. The quickening energy, the energy of sensations and feelings, translates into material experience, such as thought. Write the belief down: “I am a fair person,” or “I will ensure my success today by being focused on that task at hand,” or “What I create will be fair and successful because I come from a place of abundant belief.”