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What You Resist Persists

What You Resist Persists The Brotherhood of Light through Edna Frankel

Greetings, dear ones, from the Brotherhood of Light. We reach for you, once again, to teach you and help you to become more fully anchored in your I Am presence. You are all divine, in every last bit and breath, though you may not realize it yet. Frustrating, we know, to embrace this concept while living in a world you see as less than perfect. When will your outward reality begin to reflect the divine perfection we assure you is there?

For some, every detail is already perfect. For others, the bigger picture lacks in beauty. A balance between these two perceptions is a good goal to aim for! In this teaching, our main points are as follows: For total mastery, full faith plus total forgiveness are required. Faith is your biggest tool, and love is the manner in which you must learn to wield it. Yes, for yourself as well as for others without exceptions!

Change Your Beliefs into Faith

What happens when you dwell on the negative view of things? More negativity is what you attract. Though it may be difficult at first, adopting a positive expression is the best habit to aim for. So when things look their worst, that is the time to count your blessings! Getting into the habit of counting your blessings will accomplish two things.