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Essences of Nature: Dos and Don'ts

Essences of Nature: Dos and Don'ts Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

Don't do stupid stuff. I heard this in the news this week. No words can be truer. Sometimes we do stupid stuff to learn how to do smarter stuff. Sometimes we do stupid stuff because we don't know that we are doing stupid stuff. Think about all the times when you had an idea and you thought it was so right until it was all wrong. Sometimes the big picture we may believe we are operating from is a distortion of our smaller picture and our need to be right.

Do you want to be happy, or do you want to be right? Most of us believe we want to be happy, but we default into wanting to be right. We do everything we can to achieve our goals in our pursuits of happiness except allow ourselves to be happy. We then question whether there is such a thing as happiness.

Aloe Vera Essence for Rest

Aloe vera essence reminds us we need to be rested in order to be clear. When we invest our time in playing catch up with our lives, we end up losing. We cram so much in a day that we don't remember the day. We remember what we didn't do. Aloe vera essence trains us to pay more attention to how our energy flows.