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Deepen Your Connection to Spirit

Deepen Your Connection to Spirit Mother of Light, Shockara Starbeings, and Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde through Blue Turtle

My beloved children of light, it is time for you to behold a new vision of Mother Earth and your place on her and within her embrace. As you move into the darker days of the season, stay attuned to the glorious light of Spirit. Watch in the heavens for the extraordinary cosmic conjunctions and movements of the stars and planets for your benefit.

This is the natural rhythm for you to begin looking within, going inside to feel and grow a deepening relationship with Spirit. Notice how you require inner connection and guidance to forge the new dreams awakening inside you. You want to manifest these dreams in the physical plane.

Open to the Healing Energies

Energies of celestial beings are coming together and gathering force as they join in unity and common purpose. They are dedicated to helping you as sisters and brothers to unite in your goals and motivations toward making this a better world. You will feel their contact with you and will be inspired to act in loving and generous ways with one another.