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The Ascension: A Continuation of Jeshua's Story of His Life after the Resurrection

The Ascension: A Continuation of Jeshua's Story of His Life after the Resurrection Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, I have been telling you my story, my adventures after the resurrection. Now we will talk about the ascension. Truly in your Holy Scriptures you have an account — a very short, abbreviated account — of my ascension before some of the Disciples and some of the ones who were following me. It is a very short account, and it says that I ascended into heaven in a great light, and I did. I knew that I was not confined to the body. I wanted to make demonstration of the light that we are and to do a tactic, if you will, that would allow the ones who were seeking after me in order to silence what I would be speaking of — the ones who ordered the crucifixion — to think that I was gone.

There was a rumor that had gone out that I was still activating a body and I was still teaching. And there were ones who wanted to find me who pursued the Disciples and the friends and were harassing them to learn where I was, because if they had not silenced me in the way that they thought would silence me, they wanted to find me again and do a better job of it. So I decided that I would do the ascension that is written about in your holy writings and that I would let ones know that I had left: "One Yeshu'a has ascended unto heaven and is gone from your midst, and you do not have to worry about him any longer." So I made the demonstration, and the story went out that I had ascended to the Father.

Now, we have talked about the sea voyage to Gaul, going into what you now call Germany and going to Britain, going into the colder northern regions, and walking across the landmass into what you have called the New World, into North America and then to South America as well to visit with the people there and to find the commonality of human experience and oneness, no matter what geographical location we were in.