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Prepare for Illumination

Prepare for Illumination Mother of Light through Blue Turtle

My blessed children of light, it is a time of great awakening and growing attuned to the new, expansive rhythms of the universe. A unified healing presence is coming forth from all directions to guide you and lead you to new life and development. Stay attuned to the cosmic energies that are emerging from the solar flares and magnetic storms.

You are about to move into a consciousness of greater light energy and vibration. Notice how the pain and trauma you are experiencing are lifted into clarity and ease. Your very cellular structure is being enhanced by the radiant light of Spirit. You may move in cycles of feeling heavy weight from issues surfacing in your being and then, just as quickly, feeling lightness and joy once again.

You are being prepared for greater service and healthful, joyful living as you enter the new awareness and interweaving of sacred grace imbuing its energy through you. In your complete surrender to the highest good, you will be cocreating your abundance with Spirit.