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It's All Good (God)

It's All Good (God) Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved ones, I would like to continue to speak with you now about what we have been sharing recently, the questions that are basic to your reality. Oftentimes, you ask questions, such as, "Who am I? I awaken in the morning, and I seem to remember the person I was the day before. I get up, and I do what is accustomed on that day, whatever the schedule will say that I am supposed to do." Yet at the same time, you feel that persona is not all of you. You feel that it is only part of you. It is an act, and you are the actor/actress playing a certain part in what you see as reality — lowercase r — and you do it very well.

You remember the personality from the day before, the day before that, and the day before that. Maybe you do a bit of reshaping and changing during the day, as there may be new friends who come with some new ideas. You may change your personality as you go through different stages of life, asking, "Who am I?" As I have said unto you many times — so many times that it has become almost ritual — you are the extension of the one divine Source. You are the extension of the one mind, the one — I will not even call it "being," because that will identify it with limits — universal energy. Yet it is not limited to this universe. You are even more than what this universe will suggest.

"Who Am I?"

"Who am I? I am divine. I am the creative One — capital O — who is creating my reality each moment as I go through the day and through the night. I am creative because the one mind is creative." That is its nature, because you are an extension of — I will not say child, because that implies that there may be a separation between Source and child — the one creative mind, going forth experiencing itself.