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Essences of Nature: All Points Lead to Now

Essences of Nature: All Points Lead to Now Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

"All points lead to now" has been my tag line for a long while. I find that no matter where we have been and what we have been through, it all leads us to this point in time — reading this article, drinking that cup of coffee, flirting with that husband, or living in that house. It may not have been pretty, and it may have been a rocky road, but for whatever reason, we are where we are.

We can spend a lot of time ruminating where we should be in our lives. Maybe we should have taken that job, that lover, that husband, that car, or those kids, or maybe we should have tried harder. We can feel stifled and stymied by what limits life has inflicted on us, yet here we are. How different would it be if we knew then what we know now? How do we create the "how in the now"? How do we recognize the beauty and value of being present with our presence?

Echinacea Essence for Realignment

Echinacea essence helps to repair personal devastation. This essence is specific for trauma and how the soul disconnects when subjected to challenging and dramatic incidents. It helps us by reinterpreting who we are in relation to what we have been through. We can change the definition of surviving to thriving and being the sum total of all of our parts. It acts to repair, restore, and realign our energy fields, enhancing an energetic immune system. It adds a protective layer of love and integration.