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Embrace the Ongoing Process of Learning

Embrace the Ongoing Process of Learning Michel through David Reid Lowell

There are so many questions about 2012 and 2013. Next year will be the time of opportunity and growth for those insightful enough to grasp it. Will there be a coming war? Yes, indeed, for it is humankind's nature to war against that which is different and therefore threatens it. There will be social and economic differences and wars that are waged in ideologies. Individuals are vastly different, and this is what makes them unique and filled with unlimited potential. But many think that all people should be the same and have the same entitlements. This is not right or wrong; it is just a way of thinking that is improbable and unlikely. Why? Because of your inherent differences. Look at the quickening of events in the Middle East within Iran, Syria, Israel, Afghanistan, and India. Now consider the merging economics of the eastern rim and of China and Japan. Soon Greece will be forced to sell off its islands one by one to reimburse the money it owes, and it will not want to do this, so there will be future economic consequences.

A New Alignment Increases Global Awareness

Unlike any other country or nation within the free world, the United States of America was founded on religious ideologies, commerce, and capitalism, and these things are very much the bedrock of that society. You cannot quickly — within a few hundred years — change the very soil you were grown within. However, the increased awareness that comes with the fusion of cultures necessitates that changes or civil unrest will occur. Change is always a part of growth and renewal. The adaptation processes that change necessitates are not always so easy. This new alignment coming in 2013 is very much about the alignment of thinking and perception. It is about reaching a global awareness that you are all connected in Spirit and within deed and action.

There will be a change in climate and weather patterns that will cause a subsequent alteration within topography, especially within coastal areas and midlands, lowlands, or flatlands. Individuals will also act out in more demonstrative manners as they become attuned to the changing energies and fluctuations within the redistribution of global powers. What do we mean by this? You have already begun to sense the change in your lives. You have sensed your own lack of power. Each day you are confronted with increased prices for gas and purchasable items, from durable goods to food. What can you do about it?