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The Hologram of Life

The Hologram of Life Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, I would speak with you now about some of the topics we have been discussing recently, about how you make your own reality—that is, reality with a lowercase "r"—and how you live within that reality and how you are not separate from your reality. I will use an example from one of your science-fiction movies, the one known as Star Wars. In the movie, characters are watching a hologram of a sword fight as if the fight were taking place right in front of them. Do you remember that scene?

This is truly a good example of what you are doing. You are making a much larger hologram, inviting everyone to be in your hologram to play with each other, or not, and you are watching what is going on. You have invited everyone to be part of what you are experiencing. Separated ego will often run onstage and say, "Well, if you are creating this hologram of what is going on and you see warring going on between brother and brother and between sister and sister, you must be doing something wrong. You are guilty of bringing what you call the negative into the picture."

Open Your Heart to Others and Realize Your Oneness with Them

In truth, when you stand back from this in the place of the beholder, you watch how even the most seemingly horrendous acts bring forth awakenings for the people involved in those acts. They also bring forth awakenings for those watching what is happening, having it brought to them on television screens via your news media. Sometimes you feel your heart open for the players enacting these parts.