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Essences of Nature: Finding the Balance

Essences of Nature: Finding the Balance Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We go within at this time of year. We reconnect with what is important and what sustains us. We also can get strained and drained by all the demands on our time and attention. We have the holidays, we have deadlines, and we have extra demands for time and attention for all the little things that we have put off until now. We have the holidays looming as well as the end of another year that quickly bring about new commitments for the upcoming year.

The race to the finish line as we head into the holidays can make us feel used and abused. We need to pay attention to what detracts from us and what supports us. This is a time of year that makes us more aware of how we are really taking care of ourselves. Are we ignoring symptoms? Are we getting enough sleep? Are we paying attention to what nourishes our bodies, minds, and spirits? Are we paying enough attention to our health? Health is a delicate balance. How are you keeping yourself balanced?

Crab Apple Essence for Germaphobes

Crab apple essence is one of my overall favorites for cleansing and clearing. It is traditionally used for the germphobes among us who are afraid of every little spot and drop. Crab apple essence is the remedy for being obsessed about something small that you interpret as something big. For example, you might obsess about that spot on your table, obsess about how you do everything to remove that spot, and obsess about how you never feel satisfied because all you see is the spot. Or you might worry about who touched your phone or your glass or even your keyboard. You know you have to touch it, but you may fear what you are going to catch from it.