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Cut Through the Illusion

Cut Through the Illusion he Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

Fake news is everywhere, and it can be hard to know what is real these days. Everyone touts a different version of what they claim is the truth. Discernment is a skill that takes time to hone, but you really don’t have time now to wonder what is true in your reality; you must know it.

The truth is accessible to you on this plane, and it depends on your vibration. Vibration relates directly to the quotient of light that you carry. Light is information. As you draw in and anchor higher light frequencies, you raise your vibration. The higher you vibrate, the more your truth appears to differ from another’s, but it’s not because the physical circumstances have changed; they have always been the same. It is your perception that changes from an elevated point of view