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Masters of Time

Masters of Time The Fully Integrated Avatar Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

Since you were pushed off the ascension timeline in January to avoid the global catastrophe of a nuclear exchange, you have been vacillating between multiple collapsing timelines. It has been like jumping from log to log to log as they float downstream.

Timelines are self-contained realities, echoes of each parallel version of Earth that ripple out at slightly different harmonic frequencies. Some of these timelines felt very discordant to you, and you might have found it difficult to understand why. The answer is that while they might have looked very similar to each another, they are actually very different. The overriding energetic influences, derived from decisions and choices of the collective, caused frictional undercurrents.

In March, you regained the “A” timeline, having bypassed the nuclear event, and you branched in the direction of a more positive future; the energies are indeed opening up for you. But since then, you have had to negotiate a pandemic.