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Mary Magdalene Speaks about Her Life

Mary Magdalene Speaks about Her Life Mary Magdalene through Judith Coates

Beloved friends, peace be with you. I am the one you have called Mary of Magdala. This is not the only name I have ever had, the same as you. You have had incarnations with different names, some of them more famous than others. This one, for me, has gone down in history, but in my terminology, it is a bit narrow. Yes, I was from Magdala, but I was more than that, which was not related by the patriarchal society and the ones who wrote the histories.

Have you ever thought about the word history — “his-story”? Some civilizations “in a galaxy far, far away” (to borrow a phrase from my beloved mate) have “her-stories.” Not all civilizations are masculine-dominated. Your present civilization is now coming out of that pathway to more balance, but in the meantime, things will swing. Be prepared, those of you of the male gender: The needle will pass the center at some point. Whether you are male gender or female gender, you can change, and you will.

I had a most wondrous and famous life. I was raised in a very rich household. [Author’s note: She was raised by her uncle after her mother died.] My uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, was a very good businessman. He was in the shipping trade, and several of his large ships traveled between our home near Mt. Carmel up to Britain (then called Britannia) for metal from tin mines. He had quite a trade going, so there was plenty of money — golden coins, as Yeshua likes to say.