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Gateway to the Fourth Realm

Gateway to the Fourth Realm Tripplicus through Shannon Yrizarry

Contacting the fourth realm is the intuitive work of sensitive energetic beings who are here to bring the third dimension into alignment with new frequencies. These nonbinary beings are struck by the discrepancies between the cultural categories of men and women. As these beings hold the energy of both realms, they are stuck in a state of compulsion and divided realities, which helps them energetically bridge ego and soul for others.

Opening communication between the mind and superconsciousness in meditation requires these beings to clear the energy and maintain their frequency. This is peacekeeping and passing the torch. For those who know how to do this, now is the time to offer services and hold space in groups to duplicate this gateway to the fourth realm. There is a large emphasis on trust. You’ve seen the other side, so trust you can guide others there as well. Your heart shows up when you commit to leading this meeting ground of mind/soul. You are now called to step forward into the light. It’s not about money but about light — the lightness of being.

We are Tripplicus, the energy of three that weaves the patterns of light in your universe on which communication travels. Our grid is heavy with Piscean-era world cultures, and we are ready to infuse the grid with light through you writers, teachers, and musicians. Take the time to listen to what you’re called to do and say through your heart. We can bestow you with confidence when you commit. With love, we transcend the limits of time and space, offering buffers to group consciousness that can grip you. Take our support and be the bridge.