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The Value of the Breath

The Value of the Breath Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, let us now speak about the value of the breath. To breathe in is the first thing that you do when birthing into a human, or four-footed, form, and to breathe out is the last thing that you do when you lay down the body and move into the true form of the energy of light.

When we were designing a form, there was a meeting of minds to design something that would be agile and attractive. We tried out several forms in the four-footed category. You have ones that are in what you call mythology who say, “Well, it couldn’t be,” but it was. And yes, we did the unicorn and the centaur, the combination of horse in the back and man or woman in the front.

As part of the design, we contemplated the techniques of breathing. Was it something that we wanted to try out? You know well the feeling of the inhale and the exhale, and we played with the different snorts, as they are called. You have seen this with some of your four-footed, large-size ones who make quite a loud sound through the nose and through the mouth (as some of the human ones do as well).