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Love Envisioned

Love Envisioned The Council of Transition through Takeli MMagdalen

Greetings, dear ones. I am Mufa of the Council of Transition, speaking with you about the place you may choose to hold on to as changes accelerate now on your Earth plane.

The message this day is to offer you the strength of hope, that all you would seek to be your life can and will be created through thoughts of love for yourself, even in these times of massively shifting frequencies and turmoil beneath the surface actions of your governments and the regulating bodies that seek to increase their authority over humankind. How is this to come to be? By your willingness to hold a vision that excites and is so much part of your thoughts and emotions that you cannot set it aside for more than a brief period before it comes forth within you again.

You have been asked many times by us to develop this vision, refine it, and represent it in your life, symbolically if not materially. Now is the time to strengthen your resolve, setting aside all human concerns about how the vision will be manifested to you. Use its empowerment of your thoughts and emotions to celebrate its arrival to your journey’s process.