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Essences of Nature: What Works

Essences of Nature: What Works Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

What Works

I compiled the following list of essences that create breakthroughs, “aha!” moments, courageous acts, and feelings of love and empowerment. They can be used for anyone for anything at any time.

Flower essences work for all of life’s challenges. We all have different types of fear that keep us from achieving our goals, and we get depressed for different reasons. We sometimes experience lack of focus and direction and don’t give two shakes for anyone or anything. At one time or another, everyone and everything can overwhelm us.

Flower essences are the ultimate “change your vibration to change your life” tools. When we do the work, we get the results. We can get stuck by how, where, and what we are doing. Maybe we focus too much on the details, such as what something should look like. Depending on our frame of mind, our perception will dictate and inform what steps become available to us. What do we need to work when we work it?