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Celebrate as Flowers Dancing in the Field

Celebrate as Flowers Dancing in the Field The Integrated Activated Avatar Grace Elohim through Alison David Bird

It is time to shed the shadow that has stalked you through the ages of your experience here on the Earth plane. Shadows can only be cast where the light is obscured. Don’t let distractions stand between you and the light. Let them go.

You died through the winter months, bleeding out redundant energies. Your physical, emotional, and mental bodies have purged old habits, identities, behaviors, painful memories, and unworthy attachments.

Letting go may sometimes feels like a loss, and a period of mourning may be required, but only as a poignant remembrance of something that once served you well and serves you no more. Don’t be saddened or alarmed by the shedding of these attachments and characteristics.