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The Springtime of Your Life

The Springtime of Your Life Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, we are going to speak of springtime. You look forward to spring, but the springtime we are talking about is the springtime of your life. Truly, you are living the springtime of your life no matter how many years you have garnered. You will say, “Well, Jeshua, I have X number of years behind me. How can I be in the springtime of my life?”
It has to do with attitude. It has to do with the excitement of finding new perceptions. As you read, as you discuss with brothers and sisters, and as you watch on your big screen, you will take in new ideas and ask yourself, “What does this mean? Does this really speak to me? Is there a resonance, or is it just something that confuses me?”
So as you have seen, the seeds that you planted earlier in this lifetime are coming up. They are coming up through the soil of the darkness that you lived in for a while because you were focusing very much on the world and what needed to be at various stages in life. But now the seedlings have come up through the crust, and they are growing in the light of your consciousness. They are opening and growing as you focus on them and ask, “What does this truly mean? What does this little seed have to share with me?” And as you sit with a physical seed and ask of it, it will allow you to see all life in that seed and the seedling as it comes up.