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Cosmic Forces Are Available to Support Earth

Cosmic Forces Are Available to Support Earth Shockara Starbeings through Blue Turtle

Beloved Earth beings, feel how Mother Earth is regaining her strength to meet the challenging demands coming from disruptive forces that want to create greater tension and destruction for her. She is replenishing to help all her children who are being played with in manipulative and wounding ways.
Ground yourselves in Mother Earth so that you can effect positive shifts and changes on her behalf. She needs you to unite with strength and courage to stand up with her as evil energy works wholeheartedly to wound and sabotage her healing.
Cosmic forces are coming in to help you help Mother Earth. We are part of a crucial interplanetary network of positive alien beings working to bring the full power of the unconditional love energy to transform the universe for good. Many of us are totally committed to your and Mother Earth’s highest good.