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Abandon Drama and Instability

Abandon Drama and Instability Michel through David Reid Lowell

Again and again, life seemingly comes down to developing working tools and coping skills that are just beyond the grasp of many and mastered by only a few. Sometimes this comes through time and age, but sometimes it does not. When the latter is the case, those who do not incorporate new working methodologies into their lives just grow bitterer and angrier. Negative emotions result in an all-consuming downward spiral that involves blame, justification, and jealousy. Over time, these people grow comfortable with rationalizing and justifying the choices they make.
People become angry when they feel wounded in some manner, and they choose to react from that place of hurt. Oftentimes it isn’t rational, but to them, it might seem so because they might have vested interest or other motivations, or they might be coming from the “it’s all about me” place.
You get to decide how you take something into yourself and how you will let that thing manifest within you and in your everyday life. That is a powerful choice.