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Essences of Nature: Face the White

Essences of Nature: Face the White Mary Ann Altamarino Antenucci

We all have times when we need to restart something. This can be a daunting process. Where do we begin? What do we commit to? Will our efforts lead us down the wrong path? Will we get lost? How do we manage the intimidating glare of the blank slate?

How do we commit? How do we make our first word, paint stroke, step, slice, chisel, or photo? Will we hate what we start with? Will we feel stuck in a pattern we can’t get out of? Will our vision become a vague distortion?

Will we throw out our words, pieces, or projects before they can be realized? Will we condemn, corral, and critique before we can flesh out any semblance of an idea, painting, sculpture, dance, or other inspired creation? How do we face the “white” of our canvas, paper, screen, or path?