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Create the World You Envision

Create the World You Envision Shockara Starbeings through Blue Turtle

Beloved Earth beings, we can feel your pain and discernment as you experience the effects of the negative energy disrupting your world. Powerful forces of duality are dueling it out, literally and symbolically. It is a time to be fully present and to watch the energy to see its truth. Arm yourselves with the light, and deepen your understanding of who and what you are in the cosmos. Immerse yourselves in the unconditional love energy, as it is the most powerful and pregnant healing energy in the universe. As you walk with the Mystery and Great Creation, you are fully protected and loved.

Know in your hearts how powerful and protected you are as you align with the Divine’s presence and energy. When you take loving and kind action from this awesome power, you are enhanced to empower others who unify with you. We are present with you as you grow together in love and wisdom.

There is a terrible urgency for the dark forces to infiltrate the light and to mask their true intentions. They want the light energy to create and bring forth fear, terror, and separation. They act as if they are unifying and protecting all people when they are actually tearing apart the foundations of love, trust, and harmony.