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Bubbles in the Soup

Bubbles in the Soup Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved ones, I have heard you questioning. I have heard you wonder, “What is the rest of this year going to be like for me?” Some of you have plans, things that you have been putting into some time order. Some of you know where you want to go, and some of you do not, but you know that where you are is not where you will stay. So you make some plans to be looking around to see what more you can find for yourselves and what more you can create.

Truly, you create your reality moment by moment. This year in your time will be more beneficial if you remember that you create your reality moment by moment. If you do not like what you see, stop, take a deep breath, and re-create. And by that, I mean exactly what it sounds like. Re-create, but also take time for recreation — to breathe in joy and to be in joy. A lifetime is not meant to be just existence. You have already felt the constraints of the different world messages that tell you to be a certain way, and you have come to the place where you have said, “No, I am moving out of what I feel to be my reality. It is too tight.”

So you re-create. It is necessary because you have fashioned for yourselves, in this geopolitical grouping, the most wondrous drama, and the most wondrous actors and actresses are on the stage. You will be watching, and there will be the habitual and vast judgments that rise up within you, and then you will want to take a deep breath to re-create and say, “Okay, there is more happening than what is appearing,” because there is.