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Deadly as the Wolf

Deadly as the Wolf Grace Elohim of Allied Command through Alison David Bird

As your spiritual and galactic families call forth the first wave of ascension, it is hard not to feel the force of opposition urging conflict over resolution, suffering over peace and in all, promoting savagery and paradise to exist side by side on the same planet. Watch as your power-mongers compete at the primaries for control. The intensity of such forces washing over Earth is reflected in your economies, your communities, your schools, and even your homes.

These challenging times rival any other period in your world’s history, including the American Civil War, the two world wars, and the Great Depression. You are being encouraged to dig even deeper now for strength.

The enemy isn’t obvious. It doesn’t stand before you in a red coat, flying another country’s colors and banging a drum. It is the wolf sloping slyly through the trees. It is the stealthy intruder, the insidious infiltrator, and the silent but deadly virus.