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Benevolent Outcomes: On the Search

Benevolent Outcomes: On the Search Tom T. Moore

The Gentle Way dates all the way back to the days of Atlantis, I’ve been told. You will find details about this in my latest book Atlantis & Lemuria: The Lost Continents Revealed! In my new TV series, The Telepathic World of Tom T. Moore (on Roku’s channel EPTV), the first two episodes go into detail about the Gentle Way and its origin. Later this year, these episodes will be combined with three others for a DVD release. Here are more stories I’ve received this the past month.

On the Search

Sara writes: I have a good MBO for you! Today is my birthday, and I stopped by the local coffee shop after work so that my boyfriend could get me a birthday drink. He asked me to show our barista friend the promise ring he got me for my birthday. I went to pull it out of my pocket, because I can’t wear my rings under my gloves, and the satchel containing the ring wasn’t there! I panicked and requested an MBO right away to find it easily and quickly. He said a BP for the same.

We left, and I checked my purse in the car, knowing I hadn’t put it in there. I dropped him off at work, and then I headed back to work to look for it. As I drove, I requested another MBO for good measure. I requested to easily find it perfectly safe and sound right outside of work (since we were closed). Once I requested that MBO, the song Calling All Angels by Train came on the radio. I felt very good and at peace after that. They were indeed listening, and I would find my ring.