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Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg?

Which Came First, the Chicken or the Egg? The Brotherhood of Light through Edna Frankel

Greetings, dear ones, from the Brotherhood of Light. We gather in great numbers to be with you, always and in all ways, through this grand adventure that is your life. We are the spiritual guardians of this quadrant of your universe. We have always been the caretakers of planet Earth and her inhabitants in more dimensions than just your third-dimensional reality. (But that is neither here nor there [chuckles], so don't worry about it.) We only mention this to help you understand that we guide and support you in every moment of your multidimensional expansion, and so you know that you are never alone.

Most of you are battling with the post-shift symptoms that we explained in The Circle of Grace [available from Light Technology Publishing] chapter called "Pre-Ascensionitis." Having trouble sleeping? Is your vision sometimes blurry? Have your senses changed so that food tastes different? Yes, we could go on and on. How's your short-term memory? Older memories remain intact, but recent moments evaporate before you realize they're gone.

Make lists, keep them handy, and remember where you put them. As linearity slowly gives way to multidimensionality, don't blame yourself for things gone wrong or things gone astray. There is a learning curve here, one that you cannot rush through. Have patience in all things, both within and around you. Without patience, you cannot find peace, either within or around you.