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The Human Jeshua: the Early Years and Beginning His Ministry

The Human Jeshua: the Early Years and Beginning His Ministry Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) through Judith Coates

Beloved one, would you like to hear about my life? I will tell you about my early life 2,000 years ago. I often hear your questions, wanting to know, "What was your life like? Was it truly as recorded in the Holy Scriptures?" Partly, yes, and partly a bit different, because you each have your reality as you understand your hologram and your reality, and others may look at your life and see it differently than you do.

My truth — lower case t — is the story that I am going to share with you. It is how I understood that lifetime then and how I understand that lifetime now. That incarnation truly began even before there was form, because it extended, as your lifetimes extend, back in ancestry, back in what I term a lineage of thought, so that when I took on the body of an infant, I already had a history. I already had history of off-planet lineage, because yes, I did travel in what you now would identify as spaceships and I was part of what you would understand to be the extraterrestrial, because I did not live all of my lifetimes upon holy Mother Earth.

I have lived several lifetimes upon holy Mother Earth because she is a beautiful being. But there were lifetimes, incarnations of different form, that were upon other celestial beings — planets you would call them. The form of incarnation was different according to whatever planetary mass I was upon. There were times when I used the energy of mind to travel what you would now understand to be great distances in space.