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Changing Your Life to Suit the Emerging New World

Changing Your Life to Suit the Emerging New World Mother of Light and Grandfather Shaman of Mesa Verde through Blue Turtle

Beloved children of light, you have been planted in the universe and on Mother Earth as special seeds growing and blossoming into the most exciting and abundant human beings connected deeply with Spirit. You are consciously aware of your arising identity with All That Is and how you are nourishing and serving one another in the world.

As you are being called into duty and action for the highest spiritual good, you must take the best care of yourselves as sacred human beings. Allow the gentle breezes and rain to caress you with their fervent care. Let the powerful, life-sustaining rays of the Sun fill your cellular structure with their abundance and love. Immerse yourselves in the fragrant healing oils and ointments that will protect you from the harsh, extreme weather and climatic conditions.

You are resilient, you are embraced by the universe, and you are totally committed to your soulful energy and nature. Watch the world move with your awe-filled, concentrated vision. Know how your envisioning results in physical manifestation of your blessed hopes and dreams. As children of the divine light, you emanate from and radiate this universal, loving energy.