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Benevolent Outcomes: Benevolence for Fellow Beings

Benevolent Outcomes: Benevolence for Fellow Beings Tom T. Moore

Patricia writes: Here is my most benevolent prayer story. My daughter's friend lost her lead sled dog. Two dogs got out of the kennel; one came back all wet. The owner feared the other had drowned in an inaccessible, wet area on the property. I requested benevolent prayers (BPs) from any and all beings who could help find Wayler and bring him back home ASAP.

Today, the owner (as she said) "by luck" heard someone talking about a dog running on the interstate. The same person awhile later spotted the dog again and called the owner. The dog is very shy around people; however, she was able to get to Wayler. After five days, the dog is safe at home. I feel the BPs really helped.

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Mona Lisa writes: I request most benevolent outcomes (MBOs) for the injured, neglected, and abused animals I see posted on Facebook as often as I can, knowing the universe always matches the intention!