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Learning to Come from Your Heart

Learning to Come from Your Heart Michel through David Reid Lowell

Speak from your heart. There are reasons, always reasons, but beneath those reasons there are truths. If you know yourself and your truths, then you can learn, you can overcome, and you can become self-empowered. You can empower yourself. You have everything you need. Have faith. Believe. Just love in earnestly loving ways — just love.

You express yourself through what you know. You define yourself by how you have been shown to be, meaning you are truly a product of your environment. What lies within your heart is not always the greater truth you seek, but usually that which has been reinforced as a valid perception of self that you have been taught throughout your lifetime and through your experiences. As our physical's [Editor's Note: the channel's] great-grandmother would say, "It is all within the breeding," meaning it is within your programing and DNA — heredity.

You are only limited by your own physical structure and its individualized ability to adapt. Some cannot overcome their limitations, and some can. It depends on what these limitations are based on and how an individual is defined through them.